Productivity is sometimes tricky. Some days you get a lot accomplished and others not so much. I decided to write this three part series on productivity perspectives to shed some light on how to be more productive on a consistent basis. The productivity perspectives will include: where you are, what you eat and what you do.

The first productivity perspective I will discuss is where you are. The place that you are working can have a big effect on how productive you are. Switching up the place you work every once and a while can have a big effect on your creativity and your ability to think and process new ideas.

Below are a list of different places you could go to switch up your work environment:

  1. Coffee shops: Coffee shops have a great atmosphere to work in. This is probably my personal favorite place to go when I am looking for a new place to work. It never hurts to add a little extra caffeine to your work day.
  2. Small cafe/bakery: Along the same lines as a coffee shop but some small cafes and bakeries have great sitting areas that would be great for working. I personally do not work well if I am hungry so it is an added convenience that food is at my disposal if I need it.
  3. Local library: Most libraries have tables and spaces that are great to use for working. Libraries are often very quiet while coffee shops and cafes usually have a little background noise. If background noise is something that is distracting to you, a library would be a great place to go!
  4. Outside: Weather permitting, outside can be a great place to work. There is nothing like have a fresh breeze pass over you while working to keep a fresh perspective.
  5. Home: If you already work from home, this obviously is no different than your everyday work environment. However, if you work in an office environment working from home every once in a while could be quite refreshing.

I hope this list of options was helpful for you and inspires you to try out somewhere new to get some work done! Where are your favorite places to go to switch up your work environment?

Stay tuned for parts two and three of the series!


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