Today is the final post to the series on Productivity Perspectives and it is about what you eat.  I will provide you with some different tips to consider in your eating and drinking habits at work to increase your productivity.

I am definitely not a nutritionist, however, these are just a few different tips that I have found beneficial to my own productivity that I wanted to share.

  1. Drink  a lot of water: Believe it or not, most individuals are dehydrated and they don’t even know it.  Try to make it a goal to drink 64 ounces of water each day.
  2. Eat healthy snacks: Junk food is not only unhealthy but the nutrients in healthy snacks will keep you focused for longer. Try to eat fruit, snacks made of whole grains, etc.
  3. Eat snacks low in sugar: Eating snacks high in sugar will only cause a sugar crash later. Avoid it all together and it can not only benefit your productivity but your overall health.
  4. Avoid highly caffeinated and sugar-filled drinks: Highly caffeinated and sugary drinks are very similar to snacks high in sugar; they last for a period of time but eventually they will make you crash. Replace your caffeinated and sugary drinks with water and see how it affects your productivity.
  5. Meal plan: Meal planning will allow you to eat something healthy for lunch instead of defaulting to fast food. Eating a heavy lunch will most likely make you feel like taking an afternoon nap instead of tackling your to-do list. Fighting heavy eyes makes for a long afternoon if you are trying to stay productive.

If you would like some specific examples of what to eat, I found an article online that listed specific items to eat to increase productivity (you can find the article here). Some of the items included in the article were apples, blueberries, honey, almonds, eggs, coconut oil. I am going to make more of an effort to eat more of these throughout my work day to see if I feel more productive.

Do you have any tips/stories on how something you ate has affected your productivity? 

This series has been really fun to write and I hope that these three posts on productivity perspectives have been helpful!



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