Welcome back to the three part series, productivity perspectives. If you missed part one about different places to go to switch up your work environment, you can read it here. Today I will be discussing different things that you can do before and during your work day to help you be more productive.

Whether you realize it or not, what you do before trying to complete a series of tasks has a big effect on how productive you are. Below are some examples of things that you can do before you start working to be more productive.

  1. Exercise: Start your day with a crisp morning walk or some relaxing yoga. Having your mind focused on something else before devoting it completely to work can be very beneficial to your overall productivity.
  2. Clean your work space: While some may enjoy a messy desk, I would argue that most people tend to work better in a clean space. Instead of wasting time shuffling through papers to find what you need, you can spend that time working on the tasks at hand that need to be completed.
  3. Eat breakfast: Most people have heard of at least one study about how important it is to eat breakfast each day. I encourage you to eat or at least drink something before working. Try it out and see if it helps you stay focused longer. More on what you eat will be discussed in the next post so stay tuned!

There are also different techniques and methods of doing things during your work day to be more productive. Below I have provided a few examples.

  1. Pomodoro Technique: A time-management technique that emphasizes working for 25 minutes, resting 5 minutes, and so on. Read more about this technique here.
  2. Block meeting times: If possible, schedule your meeting times so that they are close together. For example, scheduling 3 meetings from 2:00 – 5:00 pm. Instead of breaking up your work day with different meetings, schedule them around the same time, if possible, to increase long periods of productivity.
  3. Keep cell phone use to a minimum: Sometimes this is unavoidable because you are working and most people receive calls while at work. However, try to only check your phone during certain times throughout the day to avoid constant interruptions by texts and emails.

As a disclaimer, each personality type is different and have different things that help them be more productive. These examples are mere suggestions and I hope that if anything else, they help you think of ways that can help you be more productive.

There are a lot of different ways to increase productivity other than what was mentioned in this post. What do you do before or during your work days to stay productive? 

Part 3 to this series is coming soon! Check back for a post on what you can eat to help you be more productive.



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