To you, our faithful clients and fellow business owners, what are your favorite business resources?  Perhaps you have owned a business most of your life; it’s second nature.  Perhaps you are just starting out and you’ve found a few that are guiding your steps.


We love small businesses: learning about them, supporting them, etc.  We value the hard-work of owning your own company.  And we know the trials and joys of running ‘our own show’ as they say.  Over the years, we have found a few sources of quality information, good systems, and new content. Of course, the resources available to small business owners are endless.  However, here are a few of our favorites in a variety of categories.


1.  Project Management: Active Collab
  If your business has several team members and multiple projects open at a time, a good project management system is a “must.”  We have found Active Collab to best fit our workflows and organizing methods.  It also offers time and expense tracking.  If you have ever received a quote from us, you know our approach to billable time.  This feature from Active Collab is largely helpful.


2.  Blog: Michael Hyatt
  Michael Hyatt is an author, speaker, and refers to himself as a virtual mentor.  Keith has followed his blog for many years.  Michael writes to the high-achievers, those who are driven to live life well.  He writes blog posts on a variety of applicable topics, so we certainly recommend his resources to small business owners.


  A best-seller for many years, this book is subtitled “Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It.”  Indeed, Gerber’s assessment of small businesses and his approach to then growing them is widely used across businesses across the world.  If you haven’t picked this one up yet, join the crowd of E-Myth readers and start today!


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