Are you naturally a morning person?  Do you function well amidst routine?  Or do you roll into the day searching for the closest caffeine source?  Business Insider shared an article about morning routines of some key leaders here.  I found the results both fascinating and somewhat confusing, to be honest.  How can so many different approaches truly work?

While I would like to believe there is a science to the perfect morning routine, this just isn’t the case.  What works for some will not work for others, and vice versa.  My personal experience with the daily sunrise has changed greatly over the years.  I’m an early-bird convert.  Prior to my mid-twenties, I simply couldn’t understand this sub-culture of people who are naturally happy to wake up.  Then, I got married to one.  And my disbelief grew.

So, how did my conversion occur, you say?  A job-change for my husband in the dead of Ohio winter suddenly had the alarm sounding before 6:00am.  His morning hustle and bustle (read: noise) left me no choice but to join in.  A few days into the new routine, I realized that waking before 6:00 left me SO MUCH TIME before I had to leave for work myself.  (8:15 at the time.)  And slowly, but surely, I began to value it.  To rise before the sun meant I could sit quietly and think, I could read in peace and quiet, I could enjoy my home before work.  No more rushing.  Just like that, I made the call.  I would choose to fly with the early-bird flock!  I wanted what they had!

Now, my routine is quite established.  I empathize with some of the leaders in the article who need their patterns of day-starting.  My entire day flows better with a good start.  What about you?  Do you have routines you must keep?  If not, is it something you are interested in learning?  Or, no way!  You’re all about the night-owl productivity.

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