Without a concrete plan these goals were nothing more than wishful thinking.

Paul Boag

So you have perused our website.  You have read our “about section.”  Perhaps you meandered through the blog posts.  But, you want to know more.  Who are these people, Connect Cleveland, and what is this “lifestyle-business” lingo?

Keith began building websites in 2001 with the help of his friend and business partner, Nick.  Over the years, Connect Cleveland remained a side business with consistent web-development & projects.  Fast forward to 2009 and 2012, Keith brought in two members: Joe Bell, graphic designer, and Sydney Jordan, web developer.  Both now have master’s degrees in Usability Design from Kent State University, & remain important members of many projects!

Fast forward again and you’ll find Connect Cleveland gaining its most recent member, Emily Schmader, in 2015.  Now, as a team of four, we have built a business and brand around the concepts of quality & productivity.  Our passion is high-quality, top notch development and branding!  We ever strive for high productivity in our work flows.  We are driven to creating content with efficiency; this means, productive systems, practices, and work-culture.

Want to know more about how we do business or relate to the world?  Be sure to check out the blog for the latest in our lifestyle musings.



Your story, our stories, stories of people we don’t know.  All the stories!  We think there is great power in viewing life as a story, in making the most of every opportunity.  We try to live well and  encourage others this way too.  Not every day is epic, but even the mundane can be part of a greater picture.  We live by this.


That’s right!  We love our weekends!  Homemade food, good books, visiting friends, church-going, and completing a house project or two.  There is no denying we enjoy a break from the hustle of work.  We are intentional to rest well on our weekends, so we can hit the MacBook with full speed on Monday morning.


Why a lifestyle business?  We want a strong balance between the work we do & the people we love!  The most important parts of our lives wait for us at home on evenings and weekends; they are the heartbeat of all we do.  To create a business allowing us to pour into them with purpose?  Well, that is what we’re all about.


Yes, all of it.  Local farm produce, steaming fruit crisps, gourmet burgers, and a pot of soup!  Pizza of both the thin crust and deep dish variety, new recipes, old classics, you name it.  Foodies at heart.


Boy do we appreciate a good road trip!  Planning ahead and seeing new sites is a great past-time for us here at CCLE.  We get the biggest kicks out of seeing the world around us!


We believe gratitude changes everything.  To be thankful for all we have means we start with even the small things.  And gratefulness grows the more you water it.  So, when we are thankful, we say it.  We speak out loud.

I think understanding your life as a story is a really terrific way of kind of knowing where you are and knowing who you are.

Donald Miller